The Painted Tombs

This tomb is dedicated to the Tarquinian poet, Vincenzo Cardarelli. A door is painted at the center of the back wall and on either side there are two musicians. On the left wall there is a person following a double-flute player and walking with dignity towards a woman who is richly dressed – probably the deceased buried in the tomb. The woman is being led by a slave with a flabellum (a fan made of leaves or feathers) and is followed by a servant with a mirror. On the right-hand wall there is a dancer, a musician, an attendant and a kottabos player in the act of hurling his wine.

Dated: End of the 6th century B.C.

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Jugglers’ Tomb

Tomb Of The Warrior

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Hunting Tomb

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Two-Roofed Tomb

Gorgoneion Tomb

Cardarelli Tomb

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Bettini Tomb

Deer Hunting Tomb

The Bartoccini Tomb

Leopards Tomb

Tomb Of The Bacchae

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