The Painted Tombs

This burial chamber was discovered in 1973 and is composed of two chambers placed upon the same axis, one in front of the other. Painted upon the pediment of the back wall of the first room are two hunters on horse-back returning from the hunt. On the back wall in the second room a couple of banqueters are depicted. Hunting and fishing scenes are painted along the walls of the second chamber in a marine setting. On the left wall there are three fishermen in a boat which is near the rocks. A young nude male is diving off the cliff about to plunge into the water.

Dated: Last two decades of the 6th century B.C.

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Jugglers’ Tomb

Tomb Of The Warrior

Cristofani Tomb

Hunting Tomb

Lotus Flower Tomb

Tomb Of The Lionesses

Pallottino Tomb

Tomb Of The Maiden

Hunting And Fishing Tomb

Tomb Of The Charons

Two-Roofed Tomb

Gorgoneion Tomb

Cardarelli Tomb

Moretti Tomb

Tomb Of The Flagellation

Tomb Of Little Flowers

Tomb Of The Blue Demons

Bettini Tomb

Deer Hunting Tomb

The Bartoccini Tomb

Leopards Tomb

Tomb Of The Bacchae

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