The Painted Tombs

Discovered in 1985 during maintenance work on the municipal aqueduct, the tomb is composed of a large chamber with a double-pitched roof and decorated by a continuous frieze running along the length of the walls.
On the left-hand wall the deceased is depicted on a chariot drawn by a pair of horses, with two dancers behind it and a figure holding a leafy branch and two musicians in front. At the head of the cortège there is a young, naked cupbearer near a sumptuously laid table leading to the banquet scene depicted on the far wall, which includes four pairs of all-male guests except for the couple in the middle representing the owner of the tomb and his wife.
The fresco on the right-hand wall presents a view of the afterlife. From left to right: Charon, the ferryman of souls, with a long oar on a red boat, followed by two deceased people, a cloaked woman and a young man, who are welcomed by three other figures: a woman preceded by a blue-fleshed demon and followed by a young, brown-skinned, winged demon grabbing at her waist.
The scene culminates in a hideous blue demon with bearded snakes wrapped around his arms, sitting on a rock, and one last black-skinned, winged demon with a blood-stained mouth clawing at the newcomers. This is the oldest afterworld scene in Tarquinian funerary painting.

Dated: late 5th century B.C.

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Jugglers’ Tomb

Tomb Of The Warrior

Cristofani Tomb

Hunting Tomb

Lotus Flower Tomb

Tomb Of The Lionesses

Pallottino Tomb

Tomb Of The Maiden

Hunting And Fishing Tomb

Tomb Of The Charons

Two-Roofed Tomb

Gorgoneion Tomb

Cardarelli Tomb

Moretti Tomb

Tomb Of The Flagellation

Tomb Of Little Flowers

Tomb Of The Blue Demons

Bettini Tomb

Deer Hunting Tomb

The Bartoccini Tomb

Leopards Tomb

Tomb Of The Bacchae

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