Tarquina: the Archaeological Museum

This tomb is so named because the Superintendent of Archaeological Conservation, R. Baroccini claimed that the frescos painted within the chambers captured the serene and happy agonistic spirit of good sportsmanship, the ideal of the Olympics. In the centre of the back wall a fake door is depicted while on the tympanum a symposium or “drinking party is underway with several male couples. On the right-hand wall a magnificent frieze illustrates funeral games: racing, long jumping, discus throwing, boxing and the Etruscan game “Phersu”. The left-hand wall features a chariot race in which two-wheeled chariots are drawn by two horses, the last of which has overturned and the charioteer has been thrown into the air. The are painted in a very refined and elegant style which leads scholars to believe that the artist was from eastern Greece.

Dated: 530-520 B.C.

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