Tarquina: the Archaeological Museum

This tomb was discovered in the area of The Second Arches and its frescos were detached in the same year that the tomb was excavated. The tomb is composed of a single rectangular chamber with a double-pitched roof. On the back wall four banquet couples are depicted reclining on richly decorated klinai, while being served by nude cupbearers. Musicians and dancers animate the scene which takes place outside beneath young saplings. On the left hand wall there is a cargo ship with a double sail mast, from which the tomb takes its name, and a smaller ship with only one sail surrounded by smaller fishing boats. The entire scene is set in a picturesque seascape framed by rising cliffs. On the right-hand wall the deceased, who once lay in the tomb, is depicted watching the ships. This fresco of cargo ships and a harbour is the sole Etruscan painting of its kind in Tarquinia.

It dates back to the mid 5th century B.C.

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